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Coming 6/19—The Fourth and Final Prototype

The fourth prototype of NSHE’s Workday Configuration (P4) comes online on Monday, June 19. P4 will contain a freshly pulled copy of NSHE institution data that will be used in testing and further configuration refinements….

iNtegrate 2 Workday Grants Training

Grants Training is Early, Here’s Why

For grants, Workday’s “just in time” training philosophy means the time for training is right now. Although system-wide Workday training isn’t scheduled to begin until early August, grants specialists from across the system are receiving…

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Testing Goes Local for User Acceptance Testing

Up to now, NSHE’s Workday testing phases have focused on the application’s configuration, assessing the processes that we will all share. But the next round of testing is different. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) doesn’t assess…

P3 End to End Testing Draws to a Close

End to End testing wraps up today after seven busy weeks. The Project extends its heartfelt thanks to End to End’s tireless testers, who have pulled double duty working not only on the Project but…

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About Workday Security

One of the great things about Workday is that it places Financials, Payroll, and HCM into one system with one set of data that everyone works on. In this deeply collaborative environment, it’s important that…