Coming 6/19—The Fourth and Final Prototype

The fourth prototype of NSHE’s Workday Configuration (P4) comes online on Monday, June 19. P4 will contain a freshly pulled copy of NSHE institution data that will be used in testing and further configuration refinements. P4 will also feature most of the required functionality and business processes that will be present in Workday when it goes live system-wide in October.

The Project will use P4 to continue to complete the testing and configuration of unfinished processes like complex system integrations and powerful, wholly new budgeting functions that Workday has only recently released. P4 will also be used by the institutions to conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT), where select members of each community will participate in local testing centering on users and how they will accomplish tasks at their home institutions using Workday’s processes that will be shared across the system.

P4 is the final prototype before Workday goes live system-wide in October.

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