Young Man Pointing to i2-WD Laptop ScreenBusiness systems being used today by most colleges and universities – including NSHE’s – were built for a pre-Internet age. Over time, those systems have become increasingly dependent on unwieldy add-on applications. This makes them expensive to maintain, difficult to use, and incapable of efficiently taking advantage of technological advances that can help us adapt to changes reshaping higher education.

The Chancellor’s Office and Board of Regents recognized this when they authorized the first phase of NSHE’s iNtegrate project, the student system. After completing it, we turned our attention toward our antiquated legacy Finance and Human Resources systems.

The Board of Regents and Chancellor’s Office directed significant research and analysis to identify how NSHE and our member institutions need to change to function more efficiently and effectively. This work pointed to the advantages of integrating our institutions to operate as a single, unified system. Among the software that could help us achieve that, Workday stood out:

  • Workday is the only HR/Payroll/Financial enterprise business system uniquely designed for Higher Education. It will unify our Human Capital Management (HCM, or HR), Financial Management and Payroll, into one modern, agile, easy-to-use system.
  • Workday looks and feels like popular consumer websites and is intuitive and accessible wherever there’s internet access (via smart phones, tablets, desktop or laptops).
  • Workday will take advantage of cutting-edge technology and business innovation to empower NSHE to respond to our institutions’ changing needs. It will help us automate many time-intensive, paper-based processes.