Project Objectives

Objective 1: Review and Normalize
Consistent with the Board initiated “Efficiency and Effectiveness” program, existing administrative and business processes will be examined, reviewed, and evaluated to achieve maximize efficiencies and effectiveness within and across the System. Industry best practices will be applied to enable processes and procedures to be normalized across the institutions to meet specific campus needs as well as to provide System-wide oversight that assures public accountability.

Objective 2: Improve Service
Improved service to the end-users, faculty, staff, and students and that supports institutional initiatives taking into account growing service demands.

Objective 3: Improve Quality
Improved quality of institutional and System data related to financial, administrative, and human resources data related to the operations of the Nevada System of Higher Education. Increased data integrity, control, and facilitate improved records management.

Objective 4: Empower End Users
Empowerment of end-users with access to integrated data for analysis to support planning as well as operational and strategic decision-making.

Objective 5: Consolidate Data Entry
Minimized duplicate and triplicate entry of data and ensure the collection and verification of data is performed at the source, only once (by employee, department, division, institution, or regulatory agency.)

Objective 6: Increase Standardization
Increased degree of standardization for policies, practices, and service delivery related to HR, Finance, and Administration across the System.

Objective 7: Implement a Successful System
Implementation of a new automated, integrated NSHE system for administrative, financial, and human resources activities that will facilitate successful achievement of the above-listed objectives. The system provides for flexibility to meet campus needs as well as to satisfy System requirements for an accurate, mandatory, and legal system of record through access to relevant and accurate current, historical, and future data. The system will be of sufficient flexibility to grow with the System and meet the rigors of a rapidly changing environment.