Vision/Guiding Principles

iNtegrate 2 is guided by a Project Vision and Guiding Principles crafted by the Project’s Executive Steering Committee, Board of Regents and Chancellor’s Office.


  • To provide campuses, the System office, and the Regents with a single version of the fundamental and foundational NSHE-wide financial data in the most efficient and effective manner.
  • Implementation of best practices in business and administrative processes as well as the reduction of unnecessary duplication of back-office functions across all NSHE institutions, while ensuring that consistent and effective operating policies are in place.

Guiding Principles

  • iNtegrate 2 will transform how NSHE does business to ensure standardized best practices are utilized across NSHE with few exceptions, and efficiencies are achieved
  • Commonly shared, standardized Business Processes are the goal of iNtegrate 2. Divergent processes are the exception
  • Workday First: Adopt native Workday configured processes wherever workday functionality exists, taking into account recommendations from the Huron Business Process Review and the Huron Chart of Accounts Study.
  • Implementation will follow the recommendations of the adopted Board of Regents Efficiency and Effectiveness Study
  • The project goal is to reduce unnecessary, inefficient, and duplicative back office operations across NSHE institutions