Why Workday?

Workday is a leading provider of enterprise human resources, finance and payroll systems. Founded in 2005, the company delivers Human Capital Management (HCM), Financial Management, Payroll and analytics applications to some of the world’s leading companies and to 50-and-counting institutions of higher learning. Colleges and universities are drawn to Workday because it’s easy and flexible to use and focused on providing functionality that’s uniquely needed by higher education.

WD Logo Cloud Workday will replace many of our legacy systems, such as HRMS Advantage, Consensus, Employee Self-Service, iLeave, PLARP, and paper-based systems (time sheets, expense reports, leave requests, etc.). The software will streamline our business processes – the tasks we do to achieve our business objectives (i.e., hiring an employee, paying an invoice) – into a single, unified, state-of-the-art, cloud-based system. This will help us to better serve our students, employees and communities by enhancing data transparency and visibility, and facilitating strategic decision-making.

Some of Workday’s key attributes are that it’s:

Workday has an intuitive user interface that reflects the instinctive nature and usability of consumer websites.

Cloud-based computing is centralized and hosted off-site from an organization’s physical location. Workday “lives in the cloud,” and once the software goes live at NSHE and our member institutions, the company will handle all upgrades, hardware and maintenance we now do.

Because Workday is cloud-based, it’s mobile-enabled for smart phones (iPhones, Androids and Blackberry), tablets and laptop computers. This will allow us to review our information, make changes or access valuable business information from anywhere with Internet access, at anytime.

Many paper-driven, labor-intensive Business Processes will be streamlined and automated within Workday, making it easier and faster to submit and track changes.

Our Project Team and implementation consultants are configuring Workday for the specific needs of NSHE and our member institutions. Unlike hardcoding, which requires far more work to revise and maintain a system, configuring our Workday implementation will provide us with more flexibility and control.

NSHE and our member institutions will have their operations and Business Processes integrated into a single system in Workday, allowing for greater flexibility and faster, more transparent, and more accurate decision-making.

All Workday customers use the same version of the software. Twice annually, it’s updated with additional features and functionality.

As part of the “Workday Community,” NSHE and our member institutions can make suggestions to improve and enhance Workday, particularly as it relates to the unique needs of higher education. The mechanism for making these suggestions is known as a “brainstorm,” and results are shared among Workday users, voted on, and may then be included in the next release of the Workday software.

Best Practice
Workday reflects best-in-class, the highest performance level in the industries it serves.