P3 End to End Testing Draws to a Close

End to End testing wraps up today after seven busy weeks. The Project extends its heartfelt thanks to End to End’s tireless testers, who have pulled double duty working not only on the Project but also at their regular campus jobs. They are a crucial ingredient to ensuring Workday meets NSHE’s expectations.

Some testing remains to be done in areas that were not quite ready during End to End’s scheduled timeframe. New functionality in budgeting, better reporting, integrations between Workday and other systems, and exciting new configuration changes will be tested over the next couple of weeks in NSHE’s third prototype (P3). Anything left after that will be tested in the fourth and final prototype (P4), which is currently being developed. P4 will also be used by the campuses to assess training materials and support documentation, and to give testing participants a first-hand look at Workday to understand how it will benefit their work.