Testing Goes Local for User Acceptance Testing

Up to now, NSHE’s Workday testing phases have focused on the application’s configuration, assessing the processes that we will all share. But the next round of testing is different. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) doesn’t assess the application itself, but instead centers on users and how they accomplish tasks at their home institutions. UAT is an institution-level endeavor, with each of NSHE’s nine institutions choosing its testers from their own community and hosting testing on their own campuses. In effect, UAT isn’t one system-wide test, it’s nine institution-level tests coordinated locally and supported by the Project.

Goals for UAT include understanding the issues that users will have when Workday goes live in October and how to resolve them, assessing the accuracy of training materials, and determining how best to streamline the departmental manual procedures that Workday will affect.

UAT is scheduled to run from June 19 to August 4, 2017.