[SPECIAL BULLETIN] Workday Training at NSHE is Powered by Teamwork

Workday Training at NSHE is Powered by Teamwork

Creating training for NSHE’s eight member institutions doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It requires a team of people from the institutions and from the Project to make sure training addresses everyone’s needs. The Project has a dedicated staff shepherding the training process in close collaboration with the institutions. Institutions, who will lead training efforts for their own communities, play an active role in all decisions and in developing training for the whole System. NSHE process experts, who helped plan NSHE’s Workday configuration, will also play a critical part, reviewing all training materials for accuracy. Working together, these teams will ensure that every institution has all the tools it needs to deliver effective, comprehensive training:

The Project Training Team

The Project Training Team works closely with the institutions to formulate an effective training strategy, identify what Workday business processes and functions need to be trained, how best to deliver that training, and the most appropriate training topics for each new Workday role. They also lead the creation of all training materials, from instructional job aids, to training videos, to face-to-face training lectures.

The Training Liaison Group

At NSHE, Workday training is a group effort. From the very beginning, each NSHE member institution has been involved with every decision. Through a committee of representatives known as the Training Liaison Group (TLG), they were key players in devising the training strategy and are active participants in developing the curriculum plan for the entire NSHE community and for their own institutions. They also establish documentation guidelines and produces the bulk of the materials that NSHE needs for training. The TLG’s input is crucial because its members know their communities, their training needs, and the most effective method for delivering that training. As a group, the TLG represents an NSHE-wide resource pool that institutions can count on to get their workers quality training. NSHE is very proud of the way its institutions have pulled together as a system to cover not only their own communities, but every institutions’ communities for training.

The Functional Leads, Designees, and Business Analysts

Workday is highly configurable, which is one of the reasons NSHE chose it—Workday will work the way we work, and not the other way around. And no one knows NSHE’s Workday configuration better than the Team members who created it. The Functional Leads, Designees, and Business Analysts will play a role in reviewing all materials before training happens to ensure they align with NSHE’s common business processes and the functions NSHE’s Workday configuration will have when it goes live in October 2017.

Experienced Specialists

While NSHE’s training efforts are driven by people at the institutions and on the Project, it is not creating training alone. Sierra-Cedar, Inc. consultants are contributing the wisdom and experience they have gained from helping numerous organizations successfully train users on new systems.

NSHE and its institutions are on schedule to roll out training to campuses between July and September 2017.

For further information on training, please contact your Training Liaison Group Representative listed here: www.integrate2.nevada.edu/training; or your Campus Point of Contact listed here: www.integrate2.nevada.edu/project-leadership-and-organization/campus-points-of-contact-members-their-institutions/


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