[SPECIAL BULLETIN] NSHE—Ready for Workday Training

NSHE—Ready for Workday Training

It’s not easy switching systems, much less switching them for tens of thousands of people across a state as big and diverse as Nevada. One of the biggest challenges NSHE will face with moving to Workday is giving users the knowledge they need to be confident doing their work in a new way. Fortunately, The Project Team has a plan.

Created in close collaboration with NSHE’s member institutions, the Project’s plan is laid out in a series of guiding documents and training materials that take shape over time.

The plan begins with the Training Strategy, which outlines how training development and delivery will be approached.

The Curriculum Development Plan maps out the appropriate training for each Workday business process, then groups those processes by Workday roles. Because tasks are assigned to roles based on NSHE’s needs, NSHE’s Workday configuration must be close to finished for the Curriculum Development Plan to be accurate. Now that NSHE’s second Workday prototype (P2) is about 80% configured, the Team has enough information to get started on it.

Instructional job aids, face-to-face lectures, online webinars, open lab topics, and more make up the trove of Training Materials that will be available to the institutions to train their communities. The Team and the institutions have already begun creating some of the training materials for simpler tasks. More complex processes that are not yet fully configured will be developed when they’re closer to complete.

The Training Timeline establishes milestone event target dates that must be met to keep training from falling behind. Training is on a tight schedule and there is a lot of work to do, but with the participation of the institutions, NSHE will have effective Workday training for everyone.

NSHE and its institutions are on schedule to roll out training to campuses between July and September 2017.

Stay in the Loop! View the Training Timeline at:  www.integrate2.nevada.edu/wp-content/uploads/WorkdayTrainingTimelineAndGlossary_011017.pdf

For further information on training, please contact your Training Liaison Group Representative listed here: www.integrate2.nevada.edu/training; or your Campus Point of Contact listed here: www.integrate2.nevada.edu/project-leadership-and-organization/campus-points-of-contact-members-their-institutions