P2 System Testing Continues

With the Thanksgiving holiday over, the Team dove into P2 System Testing with renewed energy. Testers accomplished a lot in this second week of testing, passing nearly 25% of the total number of scenarios—but passing scenarios is not the Team’s chief interest in System Testing. Failed scenarios are also beneficial. They are indicators that there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Each failed scenario is examined by the Team to determine if there’s a configuration issue that needs to be resolved, or if there’s a business process that’s not quite right, or if the scenario itself is not an accurate test of NSHE’s expectations of Workday’s performance. So while P2 System Testing is scheduled to run through mid-January, identifying as many issues as possible through early scenario testing gives the Team more time to examine complex problems, and to plan solutions that will work for all eight NSHE institutions when Workday goes live in October 2017.

View a Testing and Training Glossary and Timeline at: www.integrate2.nevada.edu/wp-content/uploads/Workday_TestingAndTrainingTimeline_092316.pdf