NSHE’s Testers Pull Double Duty For a Better Workday For Everyone

At NSHE, there are no full-time testers. All of our testers have jobs helping to run things at the institutions or at the System—and that’s a really good thing. System Testing requires a high degree of institutional knowledge and on-the-job experience working with the processes that Workday will help facilitate. Which means that our testers are all pulling double duty right now, working their full-time jobs and also spending valuable time helping the Project out. It’s the end of the semester and there’s a lot of work that can’t wait, and the Project has an ambitious timeline that means testing can’t wait, either. To get everything done, our testers have sacrificed their personal lives during the holidays, which is a lot to ask of anyone. Thanks to their tireless efforts, all of NSHE can count on a solidly built Workday configuration that will work for every institution when it goes live in October 2017. So thanks, testers—your hard work and dedication are an indispensable asset, and your sacrifice is very appreciated!