NSHE Set to Launch Second Workday Prototype

NSHE’s first Workday prototype, P1, is being retired. The Team will no longer use P1 as the main reference for configuring and testing Workday. In its place, the Project is creating a brand new Workday prototype (P2). P2 will be loaded with all the configuration work from P1, including 80 to 85% of the features and functionality NSHE will use when Workday goes live in October 2017. P2 will also feature a fresh copy of real data from all eight NSHE institutions. P2 will allow the Project and the institutions to perform detailed testing focused on making sure that Workday will work for every institution. It will also be the prototype the Team uses for campus demonstrations and computer labs. Another benefit in moving to P2 is that it gives the Team a good opportunity to conduct a cutover—replacing one system with another. Cutovers can be complex maneuvers, and a smooth one will be crucial when NSHE replaces its legacy systems with Workday. This dress rehearsal will give the Team and institutions valuable experience in managing a system-wide effort. P2 is scheduled to be built through mid-October.

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