P2 System Testing Launches with Remote Testing

This was the first week of System Testing. After spending last week learning about the advances the Team has made in NSHE’s Workday configuration, testers have begun putting the new prototype (P2) through its paces….

P2 System Testing Gets Rolling With Playbacks

[metaslider id=7134] For P2 System Testing, the iNtegrate2 Project reached out to all eight NSHE institutions to recruit testers. The Team was looking not only for people with backgrounds in Human Capital Management (HCM) or…

P2 System Testing Starts Next Week

After weeks of preparation, the Team embarks on the next round of Workday testing this coming Monday. People from every institution will test NSHE’s second prototype (P2) to ensure that the processes and functions are…

iNtegrate 2 & Workday Logo

P1, P2, P3, P4 . . . What’s the Difference? Part 2

Data conversion is the term for the process of taking data from their locations in one system and moving them into another system. At NSHE, the Project is devising data conversions for moving data into Workday from old legacy systems like Advantage, HRMS, and Employee Self-Service.

NSHE’s Second Workday Prototype Nears Completion

The Project is busy building NSHE’s second Workday configuration prototype (P2), which will feature about 80 to 85% of the functionality of the finished product (scheduled to go live at all NSHE institutions in October…