iNtegrate 2 and Workday

Powered by Teams, Enabled by Technology

The Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) is doing something few state-wide systems have done before. Aided by cutting-edge technology, we are pooling our greatest resource, our people, to build a brighter future. Right now, project iNtegrate 2 is in full swing, bringing teams of people from across NSHE together to implement new, unified Human Resources and Finance systems using Workday enterprise software. iNtegrate 2 will reduce duplicate work efforts, uphold consistent and effective operating policies, and further enable deep collaboration between all eight NSHE institutions. iNtegrate 2 and Workday will empower us to focus better on NSHE’s core mission—serving the students of Nevada.

iNtegrate 2’s goal is to implement the industry’s best practices in business and administrative transactions and reduce unnecessary duplication of back office functions across all NSHE institutions, while ensuring consistent and effective operating policies.


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